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Case study: How to Increase Website Traffic
This is aimed at businesses that are looking for ways to increase the amount of visitors to their website. Specifically, it explains how to get your website to appear higher in Google when potential customers are searching online.
Helpful Checklist For Launching Your Website
You've spent months working on your website, you've tested it on your staging server, you've spent days gathering content for all the pages. It's now finally time to launch your site! Here is a useful checklist for when you are about to launch your site.
Top 5 websites/online resources
There are millions of websites live on the internet today. However, many of them are utterly useless, serving no purpose whatsoever. There was a time when it was fashionable to have a website, promoting anything and everything. Aesthetics and how those websites looked didn’t enter the equation. As long as they had some flash and some background music then everything was alright. When you go to a website, it should serve a purpose.
Welcome to our new website
Webspring Design have launched our new website. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the company as well as displaying any projects that we have completed in our portfolio section.
Meebo bring sharing to a whole new level
The Meebo share bar is a relatively new piece of functionality that allows visitors to a website to share that page on their own social networking sites. It allows you to increase traffic to your own website through advertising on Facebook and Twitter. It is supported by all major blogging platforms and is a valuable tool for any website owner.
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