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Top 5 websites/online resources

September 11th, 2012

There are millions of websites live on the internet today. However, many of them are utterly useless, serving no purpose whatsoever. There was a time when it was fashionable to have a website, promoting anything and everything.¬†Aesthetics¬†and how those websites looked didn’t enter the equation. As long as they had some flash and some background music then everything was alright.

When you go to a website, it should serve a purpose. Whether that is providing a service, selling products or just informing people about certain things. We at Webspring Design have been surfing the net for a few years now, looking for resources, whether they are solely for web design or general business related. We have come across some useful websites and online resources over that period. Here are our top 5 resources, in no particular order…


Dropbox is a cloud storage facility that allows you to store your important files and documents amongst multiple devices. This facility essentially is a USB key on a cloud, allowing you to access your files whether your on your mobile phone, iPad or computer.

We, at Webspring Design, use Dropbox religiously to share documents with our clients and vice versa. Rather than clients sending us multiple emails with images and text documents, then can just drag and drop those files into a Dropbox folder that we have shared with them. Dropbox is a free tool to start with and you get additional space if you refer people to download it. It’s definitely worth a look.


WebAppers is a fantastic resource for us to see what the latest coding inventions are. There are some extremely talented developers out there and WebAppers is a platform for those developers to showcase their work. Have a look at their website here.

Web Creme

Whenever we’re looking for some web design inspiration then Web Creme is always the first port of call. There are a few thousand of the best websites on the net on here and it definitely stirs the imagination. Some wonderful designers portraying their work. Updated on a regular basis, Web Creme is a site you could spend hours surfing.


Formerly known as Invoice Bubble, Invoiceable have rebranded in recent days and the result is a fantastic free platform, not just for website designers, but for business people in general, to issue invoices to their clients. A sleek dashboard display and a very user friendly interface ensures that issuing issuing invoices is more enjoyable than ever before.


A useful time-tacking website where you can manage your hours, minutes and seconds. Useful for anyone in business that bills their customers on the basis of time. They also have apps that you can download for both Androis and Apple devices. Have a look here.

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